List of original compositions



Highland Bagpipes/ Piano:

  • Moving On
  • A Touch of Green and Blue
  • Wilderness Waiting (inspired by the Tasmanian Tiger)

Solo Piano:

  • The Enchanted Muse
  • A Persian Sky
  • Birds of Prey
  • Eight Legs
  • In the Clearing by the Lakeside
  • Serenade for Autumn
  • Red Dragonfly
  • Soft And Blurred
  • Tenderness
  • Yearning
  • The Innocence of Troubled Lands
  • The Suave Milonguero (inspired by the men I dance tango with!)



Oboe and Strings:

  • Gliding above a Dark Cloud (inspired by a devastating storm)

Trumpet and piano; and Wind Quartet w/ piano:

  • The Enchanted Muse (inspired by the movie, “Renoir”)

Viola and Piano: ( Essensia Urbana ) FADO

  • I muse on what I do not see (Contemplo o que não vejo )
  • On the banks of the river’s flow (Na ribeira deste rio)
  • Laughing, a child looks at me (Olha-me rindo uma criança )
  • Vague and free in spacious blue (Vaga, no azul amplo solto )
  • Portuguese sea (Mar Português )
  • O church bell of my village (Ó sino da mina aldeia)


Viola and Piano – Solo piano: Tango, Love and Sorrow TANGO

  • The path alone (El camino en soledad)
  • The thrilling encounter (Qué Encuentro )
  • I remember his scent… and the night (Recuerdo su perfume…y la noche )
  • That Brazen woman (Esa Descarada)
  • The sensation…of the tango moment (La sensación…el momento de tango)


Piano Trio – Violin, Cello and Piano, Duo – Viola and Piano:

  • Tango, for a Sleepless City (Tango, Insomnio de la Ciudad)
    (Inspired by experiences in New York City)

Symphonic Band:

  • Emilio, my friend (Emilio, mi Amigo) (Inspired by Emilio, pianist/composer NYC)

Solo piano: Kaleidoscope suite

  • Serenely Purple
  • Joy of Yellow
  • Passionately Red
  • Blue Calm after Storm
  • Delight of Black and White

Solo piano: Roses for you (Rosas para vos)

  • Beautiful Ideas (Ideas bellas)
  • Shadows of Kisses (Sombras de besos)

Baritone, piano, bass, drums and bandoneon:

  • When I think of You (Cuando pienso en ti)
  • The Mist of Unreality (La bruma de la irrealidad)
  • Take it with Soda (Tomarse la con soda)
  • The Promise (La promesa )
  • A Winter without Love (Invierno sin amor)
  • The Mysterious Woman (La mujer misteriosa)