The Enchanted Muse (2018) is making its debut in November. Keep an eye out for this wonderful collection of my originals for piano recorded in Glasgow, Scotland. This album includes 12 Novelettes for Solo Piano and, for something different, 3 works for a duo – Highland Bagpipes and Piano. Watch out for CD Launches in Australia in 2019, and listen to broadcasts on radio ABC FM classics. Hard copies can be sent in the post on request by email ( The track above is from this album – ” Birds of Prey”.

Essencia Urbana (2016): offers compositions inspired by Argentinean Tango and Portuguese Fado.  This music features the wonderful sound of the viola with piano. Inspiration came from the mundane and rich aspects of urban life in Lisbon and Buenos Aires. Our amazing team was Portuguese violist – Raquel Bastos, Composer and pianist – Cecile Elton.  Producer; Luis Bittencourt and Sound engineer; Rodolfo Cardoso                                     

Essencia Urbana Cecile Elton - piano/composer, Raquel Bastos - Bastos Australia

All the works on Essencia Urbana are my original compositions and have been broadcasted by ABC FM classics over the past 2 years.

Below are some audio samples of this CD:

  1. Tango, for a sleepless city Elton Bastos Duo 0:52
  2. Portuguese sea Elton Bastos Duo 0:39
  3. The thrilling encounter! Elton Bastos Duo 0:43
  4. I muse on what I do not see Elton Bastos Duo 0:30
  5. The path alone Elton Bastos Duo 0:42
  6. Vague and free in spacious blue Elton Bastos Duo 0:43